Introducing BRANDSTRUM

A podcast for creative entrepreneurs.

More than talk.

Meaningful conversations about building a legacy,  navigating entrepreneurship, human connection, and what it means to create a life you love.

By BIBLICAL we mean that we spend MOST of our time in God’s word. We work as a family doing the best we can to understand each text, each story, each verse within its historical and Biblical context. That means 90% of the time, we go verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book to understand who God is as He has introduced Himself to us and who we are and can be in light of Him and His grace.

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Since I am always looking for something to elevate my thinking and help me get inspired, this podcast does that for me in a unique way! Love how these two are powerful by themselves and have a beautiful energy together to share important nuggets about life and love and business! Thank you!!!

Always looking for inspiration

Always real. Always loving. Always on point. The devotion these two have for each other and their tribe is inspiring. While it would be easy at this stage in their career to be inaccessible and to hold heir audience at arms length, they DON’T. They ask you to lean in, to reflect and to be honest. And they do the same for you. It’s easy to take that for granted from someone you’re learning from ... I invite you to listen and see for yourself. They make me think and I love people who make me think!

These two. 😍

Lechon is a great conversationalists. Listening to him you feel like you're already friends. I really enjoy the perspectives and humor on entrepreneurship and relationships. I feel smarter having listened.

Jake Larsen 7
Enjoyable, Insightful and Actionable Conversational

I've had the privilege to meet this duo live and listening in has been like I'm having a cocktail and a part of the conversation. Great and fun to listen to and I'm looking forward to the next episode #BurnTheMomJeans! #VirgosRule

Sgt Papi
It feels like I'm live with them too

After listening to the initial three episodes, I'm hooked. As an entrepreneur who's built their business by creating long term relationships, I really appreciate the insight Lechon and Carrie offer. Definitely look forward to more!

Such Great Insights!